Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting and Concealed Water Storage Tanks


Fresh water is an in-demand commodity in Australia, especially in lower populated areas without adequate mains water. Living in these regions means being dependent on rainwater collected in concealed water tanks. It isn’t just people in more.


Why Purchase Unsightly Water Tanks When You Could Install Concealed Rainwater Storage for All Your Supply Needs


It's no secret that we humans have caused extensive damage to the world in which we live. Thanks to industrialisation, the burning and using of finite resources, deforestation and pollution, our world and the people and animals more.


Custom Hidden Tanks for Rainwater Storage; Why Use Them and Where to Find Them


Many people all over Australia collect rainwater for domestic use. It’s becoming increasingly prevalent, even in urban areas, and the look of water tanks are changing. There are now custom rainwater hidden tanks available that others more.


We Create Custom Water Storage Tanks to Give You a Sustainable Supply of Water Year-Round


If you want to keep your utility bills to a minimum, you need to ensure your home is well insulated with the likes of double-glazed windows and wall padding, only use electricity when required, and try to cut down on your use of water more.


Solutions for Landscaping and Rainwater Tanks


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you no longer had access to public water mains? Most people take having a reticulated, treated water supply for granted and assume it will always be available. The fact is that water is a more.


Purchase Landscaping Water Tank Solutions from a Leading Manufacturer


If you've never heard of rainwater harvesting, it refers to the process of collecting water from a catchment area, usually your home's roof, and then storing it in a water tank for you to consume. Of course, you need to treat rainwater to more.


Why You Should Have a Retaining Wall Water Tank in Your Home


Numerous areas in Australia cannot get enough water to supply the demand. If you live in the city, you likely have access to water mains, but in rural areas, some people have to collect and store their own water. There’s more than one way more.


How Our Retaining Wall Water Systems and Custom Solutions Can Benefit You


When revamping your home, it's easy to pay more attention to your indoors than the garden, but your yard provides the perfect place to relax when the weather allows. When the sun is shining, and there isn't a cloud in the sky, there's more.


Need a Landscape Friendly Rainwater Tank? Shop for Water Tanks with this Business:


If you live in a part of Australia that gets plenty of rainwater, then chances are you already know how important a water tank can be. Water tanks collect stormwater runoff and excess moisture so that it doesn’t flood your property more.


Need a Concealed tank for Rainwater? Hidden Rainwater Tanks Available Here:


Keeping your property safe from stormwater is an important part of fortifying your property when you live in Australia since most densely populated areas are prone to experiencing lots of precipitation during the wet season. If you want to more.


Avoid an Unsightly Rainwater Tank with a Hidden Water Supply Reservoir from Tank Walls by Taylex


Harvesting rainwater is something that offers a nearly infinite list of benefits. Rainwater is free, relatively clean, and easy to collect and use provided you have the right hardware. It is useful for everything from watering more.


Why Using Rainwater for Your Garden is Beneficial (And How to Leverage Garden Water Tanks into Your Gardening and Landscaping)


Are you tired of having to pay hefty water bills to keep your garden plants healthy and your lawn green and gorgeous? Are you looking for a cheaper and better way to water your plants and your lawn? more.


Incredible Water Features for Your Garden


Why build standard water features for your home when you can make the same beautiful features with the addition of water storage? Whatever design you are looking for can be achieved using Tank Walls by Taylex. As the industry leader in more.


Water Storage: Beautiful and Functional


Water storage for your home doesn’t have to be an unsightly tank that you hide in the backyard and cover up. You can get versatile, highly functional water storage with Tank Walls by Taylex. With varying heights and the ability to connect more.


Water Retention for Your Home: Versatile Yet Beautiful


Single-purpose retaining walls serve only one function: hold back the soil. Why settle for just one feature when you can get so much more? Water retention is just one extra feature that Tank Walls by Taylex provide. Our Tank Wall can serve more.


Onsite Detention Systems/Tanks by Taylex Tanks


Onsite detention systems/tanks are often a necessity, but efficient water storage doesn’t have to come with an ugly tank. Tank Walls by Taylex offer adaptable, multi-function tanks that can also serve as appealing retaining walls more.


Water Retention Tanks: Alternative Fencing for Your Home


Traditional fencing requires footings, and only serves one purpose. It’s fencing, and only fencing. What if you could put up alternative fencing that served more than that singular purpose, and didn’t require footings? Wall Tanks by more.