Why Purchase Unsightly Water Tanks When You Could Install Concealed Rainwater Storage for All Your Supply Needs


It's no secret that we humans have caused extensive damage to the world in which we live. Thanks to industrialisation, the burning and using of finite resources, deforestation and pollution, our world and the people and animals within it may be in store for some difficult times ahead, which is why it's important to do everything we can to protect our environment. At some point, although it seems hard to believe or even understand, there may not be enough water in the world for everybody. Fortunately, we're constantly thinking of new ways to address this problem, and one of those ways is rainwater tanks.


Rainwater tanks can catch the run-off water from your roof or anywhere else on your property, which you can then use for any purpose that suits you. You could use the water for agricultural purpose or to fill up your swimming pool instead of relying on the mains, and with a filtration system, you can even treat rainwater to make it drinkable. Plus, you can harvest much more rainwater than you might expect and use tanks for storage. Minimising your reliance on the mains could help the environment and reduce your utility bills.


The only problem with standard rainwater tanks is that they're not the most attractive garden features, usually made from a shiny metal material that’s quite an eyesore despite being practical and environmentally friendly. They're usually positioned close to your home to store run-off rainwater from your roof, and they rarely fit in with the rest of your garden's features. If you'd rather avoid ruining your yard's aesthetic appeal but would still like to enjoy the benefits of a tank, you might be interested in purchasing our concealed rainwater tanks.


At Taylex Tanks, we've been pioneers in our industry since 1969, with a commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements and producing concealed rainwater storage tanks to the highest industry standards. Our solutions are hidden in the walls of raised flower beds, pool walls, water features and just about any attractive garden feature you can think of, allowing you to take advantage of rainwater harvesting without having an ugly metallic tank spoiling your yard's image.


Concealed Rainwater Supply You Won't Notice


Our tanks are high-value because they're efficient rainwater harvesting systems as well as stylish garden features, and anybody who visits your property won't be able to recognise your tanks even for looking. We connect the gutters from your roof to the tank by tunnelling underground without causing any damage to your yard, giving you a constant supply of rainwater most of the year.


We have a network of distributors and installers based in many Australian cities, and they've all been approved and trained by us to carry out their work to the highest standards. Plus, our products adhere to the strictest Australian standards and could survive over a century with minimum maintenance.


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