Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting and Concealed Water Storage Tanks

Fresh water is an in-demand commodity in Australia, especially in lower populated areas without adequate mains water. Living in these regions means being dependent on rainwater collected in concealed water tanks. It isn’t just people in the countryside collecting water though. Many homes across Australia use water tanks to supplement mains water and conserve this natural resource. In 2002, water restrictions began in urban areas and large cities, which underscored how important water conservation is. Rainwater harvesting is a crucial step in creating sustainability for all Australians.


About Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting is a method of collecting and storing rain that would usually end up in the drainage system or the ground. The practice has existed throughout the world for over 4,000 years. It’s typically practised in arid climates, such as Australia, and is prevalent in rural areas where wells or modern water supply is not available.


Rainwater harvesting has many benefits. It can provide water for use in doing laundry, flushing toilets, and in some cases, after filtration, used for drinking, bathing, and showering. Collecting rainwater in tanks helps reduce your water consumption which means a lower water bill. Water from storage can also be used to water livestock or for irrigating gardens, yards, and small plots of land. It’s also a terrific way to replenish ground water levels. Urban areas and cities benefit from rainwater harvesting as well. Storage of water can supplement the water available to a city, help keep urban areas green by replenishing soil moisture, prevent flooding, and improve groundwater quality. In fact, rainwater is much better than city water in areas with hard water. However, the biggest benefit by far is the environmental impact that concealed water storage has on the environment.


How Concealed Water Tanks Help the Environment


The environment reaps numerous benefits from rainwater harvesting. Collecting rainwater in tanks can reduce storm water on roads and drainage systems, and in waterways such as creeks, streams, and beaches. This helps alleviate stormwater runoff pollution from contaminating the watershed. Rainwater is clean until it hits rooftops and pavements where it collects many pollutants. These can be from oil, dirt, debris, and chemicals we use in our everyday life. This pollution is caught up in the rainwater and makes its way to storm drains and then into streams, lakes, and other waterways. If water is collected from rooftops before it hits the ground, it means less stormwater runoff, and in turn, less pollution in our local bodies of water. Fewer pollutants in waterways and the environment around them mean wildlife and their habitats are more protected.


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