Custom Hidden Tanks for Rainwater Storage; Why Use Them and Where to Find Them


Many people all over Australia collect rainwater for domestic use. It’s becoming increasingly prevalent, even in urban areas, and the look of water tanks are changing. There are now custom rainwater hidden tanks available that others may not even know you have. Rainwater tanks used to be unsightly, but the market is adapting to the demand for versatile aesthetically pleasing storage systems that can be hidden. Over five million Australians own water tanks because there are significant benefits to using collected rainwater ranging from economic, to social, and environmental.


Why Use Water Storage Tanks?


The most obvious benefit to rainwater harvesting is the reduction of dependence on mains water. Failing water supplies and imposed usage restrictions mean rainwater harvesting is needed more than ever. Using collected water helps create sustainability for homes in Australia. Many believe that there are health benefits to using collected rainwater because it is not treated with chemicals. Mother nature provides us with the purest form of water via rain.


Another reason to use rainwater is that it can save you money. Rain doesn’t cost anything. Once your system is in place, you will continually enjoy lower water bills because you will be reducing the amount of mains water you use. In coming years, municipal governments will likely raise water rates as they try to compensate for growing demand and offset the higher cost of providing mains water to the community. Constructing dams, building treatment plants, and laying pipes are all costly procedures associated with mains water, and those high prices will be passed on to you by the government and water boards. Also, some councils have instituted cash-back rebate incentives for households that have a rainwater storage system installed.


Rainwater harvesting is good for our environment by reducing the number of pollutants that end up in streams, rivers, lakes, and other waterways. These waterways are a natural habitat for many species of wildlife, and less pollution helps protect them. There are other reasons you might want to install a custom rainwater tank. The stored rain can be used to fight bushfires and safeguard your home. Additionally, many councils have now established requirements that mandate all new homes have rainwater harvesting systems.


Finally, custom rainwater storage doesn’t have to be unattractive. Custom systems can be created to fit your home's decor, architecture, and style. These tanks are hidden in retaining walls and double as fences, gardens, and water features that add attractive qualities to your home.


Where to Find Custom Rainwater Tanks


If you’re looking for custom rainwater tanks, give Taylex a call today. We can design a hidden system that gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to a sustainable water source while at the same time creating something lovely such as the herb garden you’ve always wanted, or a stunning water feature with lights that will wow your neighbours and guests.