We Create Custom Water Storage Tanks to Give You a Sustainable Supply of Water Year-Round


If you want to keep your utility bills to a minimum, you need to ensure your home is well insulated with the likes of double-glazed windows and wall padding, only use electricity when required, and try to cut down on your use of water. However, water is essential for us to survive, and you can hardly stop showering just to cut down on the bills. However, you could purchase and install a rainwater tank which catches run-off water from your roof for storage, and you could use that water for a range of purposes, including agricultural, filling your pool or even drinking if you treat it.


Unfortunately, however, rainwater tanks often spoil a garden's beautiful image, and you may not be interested in having a large, prominent tank sitting in your yard if you've invested considerable funds into its beauty. Most rainwater tanks stand out and draw attention away from your more aesthetically pleasing garden features. Fortunately, there is a way to have a water tank that's almost invisible yet equally as effective as a standard model. Plus, we manufacture custom water tanks that work well with any garden design.


At Taylex Tanks, we've been pioneers in our industry since 1969, and we're always thinking of new ways to add an element of style and practicality with our innovative products. One of the most popular items in our range is the custom water tank, which can take the form of a raised flower bed, water feature, pool surround, or almost any other garden addition you can imagine. With tanks as tall as 1.5 metres, you could store up to 2,365 litres of run-off rainwater, giving you a sustainable source of water almost all year-round.


The Benefits of Our Custom Water Storage


If you don't want to depend on the main water lines for your water, you might be interested in our innovative custom water supply tank that only serves to bolster your garden's image. It works by collecting the run-off rainwater from your roof via your gutters, which we connect to our tanks. You can choose any design you like, and our specialists will be more than happy to offer advice. Whether the water is stored in a raised flower bed, water feature, or retaining wall, our tailor-made products won't disappoint.


  • Keep your bills to a minimum – Most homeowners in Australia look for new ways to reduce their utility bills, and you'll see savings in no time with a custom water tank.
  • Care for the environment – People are becoming increasingly vigilant in their efforts to stop wasting precious resources, and water is the most precious of all. You'll have a constant supply of harvested rainwater with our fantastic products.
  • Bolster your yard's appearance – Thanks to being custom-made, discreet, and attractive, our water storage solutions will improve your garden's image.


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Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our systems or would like to find out how we can build custom products unique to your garden. We have a network of highly trained installers across Australia, and they'd be delighted to talk you through our process.