Avoid an Unsightly Rainwater Tank with a Hidden Water Supply Reservoir from Tank Walls by Taylex


Harvesting rainwater is something that offers a nearly infinite list of benefits. Rainwater is free, relatively clean, and easy to collect and use provided you have the right hardware. It is useful for everything from watering plants to topping up the pool or washing the car. Harvesting and using rainwater in and around your house is also extremely environmentally friendly and can help you and your family adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.


If there is one disadvantage to harvesting rainwater, it’s having to install an unsightly rainwater tank on your property. Rainwater tanks take up a lot of space and bring an undesired industrial aesthetic to your property. If you are worried about kerb appeal or have limited outdoor yard space, then having a traditional above ground rainwater tank might not be a workable solution for you. Luckily, a hidden rainwater tank can allow you to reap the benefits of rainwater harvesting without the major roadblocks.


How Tank Walls by Taylex Can Discreetly Disguise Your Rainwater Reservoir


At Taylex, we specialise in the design and construction of hidden water tanks for rainwater collection. What we do is conceal our rainwater tanks as other common landscaping features. The tank itself sits above ground or underground, where it collects rainwater for future use. The aboveground portion, meanwhile, can become virtually whatever you want it to be. Some customers have used this upper shelf as a retaining wall or a garden bed. Other have turned it into a walkway or incorporated it into their landscaping as an eye-catching water feature.


Indeed, the great thing about Tank Walls by Taylex is their versatility. Think about what you have always wanted to accomplish with your landscaping. Is it a timber deck? A patio? A wishing well? Perhaps something else? In most cases, our designers at Taylex Tanks can figure out a way to disguise your hidden water reservoir as whatever you want it to be.


This kind of solution is terrific if you have always been interested in installing a rainwater tank, but have been discouraged by their unsightly appearances. Tank Walls by Taylex kill two birds with one stone, not only eliminating the ugly, space-wasting aboveground portion of the tank, but also turning the upper shelf of the reservoir into a beautiful new landscaping feature for your yard. Unlike other rainwater tanks, our hidden water supply designs can, in fact, help your kerb appeal rather than spoil it.


Learn More about Our Hidden Rainwater Tanks Today


Are you interested to find out more about what Tank Walls by Taylex can do for your hidden water reservoir? If so, reach out to us today! We will walk you through the specifications for our hidden water tanks and work with you to create an upper shelf design that accomplishes the goals you have in mind. To reach out to our team and start a conversation, please give us a call today on 1300 TAYLEX.