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If you live in a part of Australia that gets plenty of rainwater, then chances are you already know how important a water tank can be. Water tanks collect stormwater runoff and excess moisture so that it doesn’t flood your property, damaging your landscape or your home. However, for some homeowners, putting an unsightly rainwater tank on your landscape can seem to defeat the purpose of keeping it pristine. How can you add a functional rainwater tank to your landscape while maintaining its appearance so that your property still looks pleasant?


There’s an easy way to put a rainwater tank on your property without compromising its appearance. No, we’re not talking about hiding the tank in your backyard or behind a fence. We’re talking about augmenting your landscape with a rainwater tank that enhances the way it looks. Modern landscape water tanks use innovative materials and designs for truly mind-blowing results. For instance, you might be able to order a tank that comes in the form of a retaining wall—adding two practical uses and aesthetic appeal to your lawn for a “three in one” effect.


Once you’ve decided to purchase a landscape friendly water tank for your property, you’ll want to know where to buy it. Look for products produced by a company with considerable experience. The idea behind these tanks might be relatively new, but the people who plan and implement their designs should have lots of plumbing and engineering experience so that you end up with a fully functional product. You’ll also want to make sure you purchase from a company that offers full after sales service so that you always have access to dedicated technical support. Finally, it’s important that you have plenty of variety in your design choices so that the product you receive flatters your home as intended.


How to Provide Your Landscape with a Rainwater Tank


One of the best companies to approach when you want to outfit your landscape with rainwater tanks is Taylex Tanks. Our Tank Walls series of products allow for seamless integration of rainwater infrastructure and design features that will increase the kerb appeal of your home. Not only will our products make your home safer and more energy efficient; they’ll also make it look modern and tasteful. Whether you’re trying to purchase an upgrade for the home you love or raise its value for the marketplace, our products offer excellent solutions.


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Provide your landscape with fixtures that will complement your surroundings while protecting them from the elements, and ask Taylex Tanks about our Tank Walls products today. We’ll be more than happy to tell you more about our design process, show you some examples from our gallery, or start planning a tank for your property immediately. Call us now, or browse through our collection of sample photos to get a better idea of our work. With our help, your tank is sure to be a thing of beauty.