Solutions for Landscaping and Rainwater Tanks


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you no longer had access to public water mains? Most people take having a reticulated, treated water supply for granted and assume it will always be available. The fact is that water is a commodity in high demand and water shortages are becoming more prevalent, especially in the hot, arid climate of Australia. Many cities and governments have already instituted regulations to moderate water usage and help protect this valuable resource. Using a landscaping rainwater tank is one way you can do your part to conserve water and protect our environment.


Collecting Rainwater


Rainwater has been collected and used in households around Australia since colonial times. It is a valuable natural resource that we must protect. Using rainwater can reduce your water bills, give you an alternative resource during water restrictions, and keep your garden watered, so it’s green and healthy. Did you know that by harvesting rainwater in landscaping rainwater tanks, you can reduce mains water use by up to 100%? Moreover, many people collect rainwater because they want to be healthier. Using rainwater means no chemicals in your drinking water.


Collected rainwater used to be employed to irrigate rural farms and to supply water to areas without water mains. However, over time the use of rainwater tanks has evolved, and many view it as a solution to the reliance on city water systems that are overtaxed and failing. Others view it simply as their way to aid the environment, and still others do it solely because it saves them money. The look of water tanks has changed, and they are now highly attractive, dual purpose features that enhance the beauty and the value of your home while providing landscaping rainwater solutions.


At Taylex, we have rainwater tanks that will blend in with landscaping and provide solutions to problems such as the need for a fence or a retaining wall. You can now store water right in front of your house as part of your surrounding wall. Even better, is that each tank has built in planting beds for herbs or flowers that beautify your home and would never give away the fact that water is stored beneath them. Tank Walls by Taylex has endless configuration possibilities.


If you aren’t sure what configuration you will need, give us a call, and we can have one of our distributors consult with you about your needs. Because we are the manufacturer, we can explore your customisation needs.


About Taylex and our Landscaping Rainwater Tanks


We are an Australian owned company established in 1969 when we manufactured the first purpose-designed home sewage treatment plant. We continue to be an industry leader in design, manufacturing, and installation of rainwater tanks. We are located on the Gold Coast in Queensland but have a team of authorised distributors that market, install, and service Taylex products across Australia. We are proud to support these small businesses that are all privately owned and operated locally. Each distributor is issued a certificate of competency that will show their successful completion of training in installation and maintenance of all Taylex equipment.


Taylex strives to produce only high-quality products that are backed by industry-leading warranties and after sales service. Give Taylex a call today, and we’ll talk about your landscaping water tank needs.