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If you've never heard of rainwater harvesting, it refers to the process of collecting water from a catchment area, usually your home's roof, and then storing it in a water tank for you to consume. Of course, you need to treat rainwater to make it safe for human consumption, but harvested rainwater is perfect for, watering the plants and even filling the swimming pool. Most parts of Australia experience periods of substantial rainfall and most of the water goes down the drains and into the main system. However, why let that happen when you could be using it at home to minimise your bills?


At this point, you might be wondering how effective a water tank for harvesting can be, but you will likely be surprised to find out how much water you can collect. Sydney, for example, receives 1,222mm of rainfall per year, and a two-storey home with a 1,500 square feet roof could collect up to 1,840,500 litres of rainwater. Bear in mind that the average household consumes 328,500 litres a year, and you can see how useful a rainwater tank could be for you and your family.


Unfortunately, standard rainwater tanks are often far from visually pleasing. They're usually made from a shiny metal and stand tall in your garden close to the roof, towering over most of your yard and drawing attention away from the furnishings that make your backyard look beautiful and inviting. Fortunately, we have a way for you to collect just as much water as one of the systems in question without having to compromise on your garden's image.


At Taylex Tanks, we manufacture custom-made landscaping water tanks to suit any garden, and instead of being an eyesore, they seamlessly blend in with your yard's current style and can even bolster its aesthetic appeal. The tanks themselves are hidden in tanks that double up as raised flower beds, water features, pool surrounds or retaining walls, and some of our tanks can hold up to 2,365 litres at any one time. You can style the tank's exterior to suit your backyard's design and plant an array of colourful flowers on top, giving you a yard addition that adds both beauty and practicality to your home.


Why You Should Buy a Landscaping Water Tank


Our products are unobtrusive, barely noticeable as a receptacle to guests, and timelessly stylish. We connect the gutters from your roof to our landscaping water tank solutions and bury the pipes underground so that they don't present a hazard or an eyesore, and as mentioned above, you can style the tank's exterior in any way you prefer.


Thanks to our innovative solutions, you can do your part for the environment, minimise your water bill, become self-sufficient, and bolster your garden's image, so it's easy to see why our products are becoming increasingly popular.


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At Taylex Tanks, we only authorise the nation's most skilled installers to distribute our excellent solutions to homeowners in almost any city in Australia, and we've been pioneering the most attractive and practical harvesting solutions since 1969. Contact us today for more information.