Onsite Detention Systems/Tanks by Taylex Tanks


Onsite detention systems/tanks are often a necessity, but efficient water storage doesn’t have to come with an ugly tank. Tank Walls by Taylex offer adaptable, multi-function tanks that can also serve as appealing retaining walls, raised garden beds, and water features. Precast concrete tanks are made off-site and delivered to your location, and you can configure them as needed to form fencing, as well as to hold back soil. Each tank can connect to other tanks, and various plumbing options create great versatility. Turn your onsite water detention systems/tanks into beautiful structures that accent your home. You can decorate wall tanks as you wish thanks to the thickness of the concrete walls, and they can even support gates and similar structures.


Wall Tanks by Taylex have ISO: 9001 Certification, which means that we have proven our ability to consistently produce onsite detention systems/tanks that meet industry standards backed by our ongoing commitment to after-sales service. We certify local distributors in the installation of our products, ensuring that you get quality service from start to finish. You can’t go wrong with Taylex.


Imagine the yard you can create with beautiful Tank Walls. No more unsightly water storage tank to hide, just modern and functional raised garden beds and water features to show off. Call us on 1300 TAYLEX to speak with a knowledgeable professional about the installation of your Taylex Tanks today.