Incredible Water Features for Your Garden


Why build standard water features for your home when you can make the same beautiful features with the addition of water storage? Whatever design you are looking for can be achieved using Tank Walls by Taylex. As the industry leader in multi-use water storage tanks, Taylex offers many advantages over traditional retaining walls. We build our tanks to the same exacting standards for holding back soil, and they deliver the bonus of storing rainwater. You can create or design a variety of stunning water features, but that’s just the beginning. Whether you use rainwater for your home or your garden, you’ll love having beautiful tanks that you don’t have to hide.


Our concrete tanks not only make beautiful water features, but you can also turn them into raised garden beds that are suitable for most plants. Varying tank heights make it an easy way to add a herb garden or small vegetable garden to your yard, without sacrificing any additional ground area. Taylex Tanks are so versatile you can also use them as pool boundaries, front fencing, and retaining walls. Installation is simpler and faster than a block-by-block retaining wall.


Taylex Tanks offers industry-leading warranties and after-sales service on our tanks. With over thirty-five years in business, we strive to be on the leading edge of research and development. Our authorised local distributors across Australia have all passed rigorous training in the installation and maintenance of our products, including tanks with water features. Get your Tank Walls by Taylex today and be the envy of your neighbours.