Water Retention for Your Home: Versatile Yet Beautiful


Single-purpose retaining walls serve only one function: hold back the soil. Why settle for just one feature when you can get so much more? Water retention is just one extra feature that Tank Walls by Taylex provide. Our Tank Wall can serve several functions at once: water retention, raised garden beds, retaining wall, water storage, and water feature. With precast concrete, our wall tanks are built to last and provide the strength and durability needed for landscaping. There’s an almost infinite number of configurations possible thanks to the ease of installation and connection. We also offer three different heights to accommodate your needs, whether you want a front fence or garden water storage. Tank Walls can be even plumbed directly into the foundation.


Don’t be limited by the singular purpose of a retaining wall. Tank Walls by Taylex offer versatility you can’t find anywhere else, from a company with over thirty-five years of industry experience. We are on the leading edge of innovation and design, and our warranty and after-sales service are second to none. We have a nationwide network of authorised installers who have completed thorough training in the use of our products so that we can assure you of only quality service from professional installers. Taylex can also customise your water retention system to ensure that it’s perfectly suited for your home.


Make your yard one to envy – contact us today to get started on your new water retention system. For more information and pricing, you can reach us on 1300 TAYLEX.