Water Storage: Beautiful and Functional


Water storage for your home doesn’t have to be an unsightly tank that you hide in the backyard and cover up. You can get versatile, highly functional water storage with Tank Walls by Taylex. With varying heights and the ability to connect tanks in almost any formation, you can achieve the look you want for your yard while ensuring as much water storage as you need. All tanks can be plumbed to suit your needs, from water features to rainwater storage and drip systems. Made of precast concrete, our tanks are easy to install and can function as retaining walls as well. Tank Walls by Taylex are precisely engineered to exacting standards and come with our industry-leading warranty and after-sales service.


Tank Walls by Taylex also come with the option of a raised bed for gardening. Make dual use of your water storage retaining wall by using the top as planters. Your front fence doesn’t have to be boring. It can be beautiful and functional when you use our Tank Walls with garden beds. Tank walls can also be decorated to match your home’s design or used for securing structural features like gates. We are happy to advise you about the many options and configurations available. We utilise a nationwide group of trained and authorised distributors for installation so that we can assure you of a quality service from start to finish. Make your water storage the best feature of your yard. Call us on 1300 TAYLEX for more information on installation and pricing.