Tank Specifications

1m Tank Wall


Dimensions : W 1100mm x L 2500mm x H 1000mm

With retaining capabilities of up to 1m, the 1m model is an ideal height for fencing, retaining or even creating a courtyard style design.  It is also ideal for stand up gardening, perfect for that new Herb Garden.

1.25m Tank Wall


Dimensions : W 1100mm x L 2500mm x H 1250mm

With retaining capabilities up to 1.25m, the application range is vast.  An ideal height for a Pool Boundary Fence or key the Tanks into the foundation to retain 1m.

1.5m Tank Wall


Dimensions : W 1100mm x L 2500mm x H 1500mm

With retaining capabilities up to 1.5m, the 1.5m model has an extended range of applications.  The 1.5m model is ideal for installations requiring larger water storage capacities.

Tank Wall Applications

Retaining Walls 

Build beautiful cost effective retaining walls.

Raised Garden Beds 

Installation in ground, leaving a Raised Garden Bed.

Water Features 

Endless options for peaceful water features.

Connecting the Tanks

Below is a cross section of the tank to illustrate the simple installation and connection of the tanks.

Configuration Examples

"Z" Shaped

"U" Shaped

"L" Shaped

With the advanced design of the Tank Walls, there is an endless range of configuration options, to suit a specific design or site.  Select a group of Tank Walls from our standard models or simply specify your custom-made Tank Wall to suit your desired configuration for your installation. 


If you need help with deciding upon your ideal configuration, one of our experienced distributors, installers or one the Taylex Team will be happy to assist.  Being the manufacturer, we are also happy to explore further customisation to meet your needs.

Tank Connection Combinations

Any configuration is possible with the tanks connection options.

Model A

Model C

Model E

Model G

Model B

Model D

Model F

Model H - Select custom inlet/outlet